9 FAQ Questions Regarding Google Search Ads

Small Business Marketing Coach

What is a benefit of advertising online with Google AdWords ?

Advertisers​ ​can​ ​choose​ ​how​ ​much​ ​they​ ​spend​ ​and​ ​only​ ​pay​ ​when​ ​someone​ ​clicks​ ​their ad.

For clients interested in switching from TV, print, and radio advertising. What are the return on investment (ROI) benefits of online advertising campaigns ?

Traditional​ ​media​ ​is​ ​not​ ​always​ ​measurable,​ ​but​ ​online​ ​campaigns​ ​are​ ​highly measurable​ ​and​ ​you​ ​can​ ​analyze​ ​your​ ​click​ ​data.

I want to be #1 on Google Ads, what should I focus on ?

If you have determined a keyword or list of keywords you want to rank first place on Google Ads for then the most efficient way to achieve that goal is by focusing on improving​ your ​Quality​ ​Score​ ​and​ ​incrementally increase​ ​cost-per-click​ ​(CPC)​ ​bid amounts.

What is conversion tracking ?

Conversion​ ​Tracking​ ​helps​ ​you​ track and ​improve​ ​the​ ​return​ ​on​ ​investment​ ​(ROI)​ ​from​ ​your​ ​online advertising​ ​by showing​ ​you​ ​which​ ​ads​ ​lead​ ​to​ ​customer​ ​actions​ ​that​ ​have​ ​value​ ​for​ ​your​ ​business.

Which metric is especially important , if I am running a branding campaign ?

Impressions are the best metric for tracking these campaigns though they can be very difficult to trust. An impression simply means the ad was displayed somewhere on the page it does not necessarily mean anyone noticed it.

What is the Keyword Planner Tool for ?

The Keyword Planner can help you research specific search phrases you are interested in targeting. By showing you the amount of traffic​ ​potential​ ​keywords​ ​might​ ​get you are more capable of making educated decisions regarding how to set your monthly budget, daily budget, cost per click, and perhaps most importantly if that search phrase is worth targeting.

All other things being equal, if you've set a maximum cost-per-click (max. CPC) bid of $1.00 for your ads, and if the next most competitive bid is $0.50 for the same ad position, what is the actual amount you'd pay for that click?

This is a good question and the answer is you would only pay 51 cents.

What are Negative keywords ?

Negative​ ​keywords​ ​can​ ​help​ ​​refine​ ​the​ ​targeting​ ​of​​ ​ads​ ​by reducing​ ​the​ ​number​ ​of​ ​irrelevant​ ​clicks.

i.e. if you had an ad targeting “Muffler Repair” you could add the negative phrase “How to” and it would prevent your ad from showing for D.I.Y users looking for how to instructions.

What is radius targeting?

Radius Targeting is an fantastic parameter that can be leveraged to insure that your ad shows within a specific radius of an address or zip code.

For example if I owned a plumbing service and only serviced and 30 mile circle from my shop, I would set my ads to a 30 mile radius to prevent people outside of my service area from seeing or more importantly clicking my ad.


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