What Is a Virtual CMO? And 5 Great Reasons to Utilize One!

If your business has continued to grow over the years and you are struggling to keep up with your operations and maintain your marketing alone, you likely have thought about hiring a marketing coordinator or outsourcing your marketing to a firm. While this is one option, it may not be the most cost-efficient and could eat away at your budget without the proper precautions. However, by working with a Virtual CMO, you can be sure your marketing is in the right hands and only be charged for the time needed to perform specific duties.

For a small business looking for a Chief Marketing Officer, partnering with a Virtual CMO is like having a real CMO working for your business at a fraction of the cost. This can save you money on time, resources, money and, most importantly, your sanity. An effective Virtual CMO will have the ability to focus on running your business while new customer acquisition and more effective marketing is performed in the background.

Let’s face it. As a small business owner, you likely have a limited view of what marketing options could be effective for your business and they may even be specific to your unique understanding of your industry. When working with a Virtual CMO, you have access to potentially decades of marketing experience across many different industries and an outside perspective that you can utilize to further refine and improve your marketing.

Save Your Money

A traditional Chief Marketing Officer can cost a business, on average, up to $183,796 annually in salary, even without travel expenses or other benefits included. For most small businesses, this is an expense that they simply cannot afford. However, by partnering with a Virtual CMO, you are able to receive the same services at a fraction of the cost with no added benefits because your marketing is being outsourced.

Unlimited Candidates

When looking to outsource your marketing, you may feel limited to searching in your own geographic area. While this may be true with a traditional Chief Marketing Officer, a Virtual CMO can perform their duties from anywhere in the world.  Not only does this expand your candidate pool, it allows you to find the perfect fit for your unique needs and explore a wider range of marketing expertise.

More Accountability

Working with an experienced Virtual CMO means that you will receive regular marketing updates that provide valuable insight into whether you are on the right path to achieving your marketing goals. With full transparency, you have the ability to make sure that your marketing is in great hands. And if it isn’t, you have the information needed to let them go and seek services elsewhere.

More Flexibility

Hiring a Virtual CMO allows you to remain flexible in your marketing efforts and only focus on strategies that are actually working. If your budget changes throughout the year, you have the ability to adjust how much you are spending or stop services until needed. When you hire a traditional Chief Marketing Officer, you are stuck paying the same salary annually and are limited with replacement options if things go wrong.

Increased Networking

There are many different facets to a successful marketing plan that require access to designers, writers and other experts. While you may not have direct access to these resources available currently, a Virtual CMO will have access to a large network of professionals in the industry. This expands your resources and ensures that your marketing remains as effective as possible.


About Matthew Maennche

My name is Matthew Maennche, and I am a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer.

After years of helping small businesses recover from a Website Design Specialist who “fell off the planet” or those in dire need of Reputation Management as a result of hiring a not so well trained Social Media Management Expert, I realized how strong the need is for marketing expertise at the small business level.

By simply having access to someone who actually understands how digital marketing works, businesses can leverage things like Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Marketing to increase their presence, service area and most importantly bottom line.

I offer my nearly 20 years of experience managing marketing campaigns for businesses all over the world to you as your Virtual CMO.

As a vCMO, and by working with several companies on a part time basis, I am able to provide you years of experience and education for hundreds of dollars a month as opposed to the hundreds of thousands of dollars a year a full time candidate would require.

I look forward to learning more about your business and its journey in your free initial consultation.