Cloudflare is now a Registrar

Originally formed as a simple application that aided in pinpointing the source of email spam, Cloudflare has become one of the most trusted software developers in the world. As a company, Cloudflare has always been committed to one simple yet important goal – helping build a better Internet. Now that Cloudflare is a registrar, you can finally partner with a domain partner that you will love.

What is a Registrar?

Not to be confused with the department at your local college, a domain name registrar is tasked with the reservation of Internet domain names. To become a registrar a company must be accredited by one of two official registries, either gTLD or ccTLD. Once accredited, a domain name registrar can begin securing URLs for the general public for a small or moderate fee. Although a common misconception, domain names are owned by registries and are leased by users through a registrar.


What Makes Cloudflare Different?

Already serving as a DNS provider, Cloudflare is poised to disrupt the activities of previous domain name registrars. This includes top contenders in the market like GoDaddy and NameCheap. Many of the existing registrars have already secured partnerships with Cloudflare to provide DNS services and many webmasters will likely want to transfer to have both their DNS and domain name registered through the same provider.

As a domain name registrar, Cloudflare can now securely provide secure registration and management of your domain names while ensuring transparent pricing with no mark-up. In essence, webmasters will pay what Cloudflare pays while avoiding many of the typical fees that accompany domain name registration like hidden add-on fees and surprise renewal fees. This is a promising initial impression that will likely help the company grow quickly in this new segment.

One standard practice among big-name registrars is selling heavily discounted rates for the initial domain name purchase then adding surcharges to make up the difference after a commitment has already been made. Some of the most common fees you will see include two-factor authentication, multi-user support and enhanced security. However, Cloudflare provides all of this functionality with no surprise fees to give webmasters the peace of mind that they have chosen the right partner.

Cloudflare also supports a wide variety of common top-level domains including .net, .org and .com. However, hundreds of other domain types are also available as detailed in their published list of supported TLDs. This means that no matter what you may need, Cloudflare likely has the perfect fit to meet the unique needs of your website.

If you are considering purchasing a new domain name or are weighing your options to transfer your existing domain name, Cloudflare is definitely worth a second look. As one of the most trusted DNS services available, you can now rest easy knowing your website’s most essential parts are all contained within the same provider for easy access and maintenance. For more information on Cloudflare’s registrar services, you are encouraged to visit their website.

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