The Evolution of Marketing and the Emergence of the VCMO – 2019 Update

As we approach 2020, it’s no secret that many traditional CMOs are fighting to maintain their position at some of the top businesses across a wide variety of industries. Many CMOs are now finding that they have to take desperate measures to prove their worth to companies to avoid the ultimate elimination of their position. But how does the evolution of marketing and the emergence of the VCMO play a role in this movement?

In its recent forecast, Forrester pointed to the elimination of CMO positions as several high-profile brands like Kellogg’s, Taco Bell, Netflix and other prominent businesses. The attribution to these transitions also relies on a shift to digital as a key factor in the transformation that is occurring. In essence, the role of CMOs is shifting from brand-building to a more data-focused approach to short-term revenue generation. In fact, this is a key factor we pinpointed over a year ago in our previous article.

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As brands continue to shift their focus towards corporate responsibility, the role of the traditional CMO is constantly changing. However, this has led many businesses to consider fewer permanent options that may be available to help mitigate overhead costs while still providing a valuable product to consumers. This dramatic shift has ultimately paved the way for vCMOs to become even more prominent in the modern business approach to still achieve great results while mitigating associated costs.

Because vCMOs already work in digital mediums, the transition to more mainstream applications seems like an inevitability. In fact, the unique experience that vCMOs provide make them excellent candidates for businesses that need a more creative approach to reach their customers. As a secondary benefit, the costs associated with hiring a vCMO are often far less than those that accompany filling a full-time CMO position. This makes the prospect incredibly attractive to many high-profile businesses as well as small businesses that are looking for an advantage in the modern market.

A reliance on technology has paved the way for vCMOs to flourish as a cost-effective alternative to the traditional CMO role across businesses of all sizes. Modern technology has actually paved the way for these roles to take on a new form. By working with a vCMO, many businesses have found an easier way to ensure their business is receiving the attention it needs without sacrificing valuable marketing dollars or salary thresholds while still maintaining a high standard of work while providing measurable results.

As a torchbearer for the vCMO movement, I aim to not only fulfill the marketing needs of my clients but also exceed them. I work tirelessly to identify new marketing trends and the best ways to translate and incorporate them into a successful marketing plan for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need someone to rally the troops at your business, serve as a ringleader or help you construct your marketing plan from the ground up, I can help. Let’s grow your business together.


Matthew Maennche

Chief Strategist

With over two decades of in-the-trenches marketing experience, Matthew Maennche’s views on developing and supporting a successful business are fundamentally different from the norm. As a developer and strategist, Maennche has helped thousands of businesses of all sizes, both domestic and international, take their organizations to the next level.

Matthew also spends time giving back to the local business community as a volunteer, mentor, and leader for the local chapter of SCORE.