Voice and Visual Search Trends for 2020

If you’ve visited one of my workshops or have actively kept up with the information provided on this website, you likely already know important changes are happening in the world of search engines. Now, we can safely tell you with certainty that voice and visual search are gaining in popularity and are destined to become even more important as connected devices become more prominent. If you are looking to latch on to the future of technology early, here are the voice and visual search trends you should expect for 2020.

What Should You Know About Voice Search in 2020?

While the original numbers for voice search have been discredited, there’s a commonly rehashed claim that 50% of all searches in the upcoming year will be done using voice-connected devices. Although we know that the numbers aren’t quite there yet, the technology is growing and Google said that their app alone had around 20% off all searches being done by voice in 2016. As you might imagine, that number has probably grown significantly in recent years.

Even though the numbers aren’t quite what was expected for 2020, this is still one of the hottest trends that small business owners and marketing professionals should be investing their time into. Currently, we aren’t aware of the exact number of voice searches being completed because Google hasn’t made that information readily available. But as Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices continue to make their impact on modern trends, voice search will continue to grow as a viable search option.

What Should You Know About Visual Search in 2020?

While still in its infancy, visual search has started to catch on as a new trend on both Google and Bing. Some of the technology that is already available is the ability to translate text to other languages, scan barcodes for more information, search for products to learn where they are sold and even finding restaurants based on their menu. These factors alone show that visual search is already advancing incredibly rapidly and in no time will be a common search type.

Recent studies have shown a high demand for visual search and the popularity of this technology is trending upwards. With more emphasis being placed on this alternate search option, we are finding that more and more uses are being created for the once boring search box that was only capable of registering text. Even now, Google’s “search by photos” function is working in conjunction with local profiles like Google My Business, Facebook and Yelp. If you aren’t investing in this search option you could be missing out.

Why Do Voice and Visual Search Trends for 2020 Matter?

As a small business owner, it is important to keep up with modern marketing trends to ensure you are reaching as many customers as possible. In the current technological age, this means optimizing for voice and visual search as well as investing in standard SEO for text-based searches. Although the search box is only just starting to expand to new forms, preparing today will ensure that you are reaching your customers no matter how they are searching for your business, products or services.

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