How to Stay Relevant During COVID-19

How to Stay Relevant During COVID-19

Not every business sells toilet paper, hand sanitizer, or PPE. So how do you stay relevant and still sell your product/services during Covid-19?

Spend some time really thinking about the key benefits of your products/service in a way that highlights how they solve pain points or concerns potential clients have surrounding Coronavirus; things like travel restrictions, supply chain disruption, collaborating/managing remote workers, enhancing security due to remote workers, etc.

Online shopping is at an all-time high. If you do not have your product available for purchase through your website, there is no better time to make that happen. Many experts agree that the way business is done will be forever transformed by this pandemic. Make your product as easy to get as possible.

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Now is the time to think about how you can highlight who you are and what you do virtually. Shoot a video with a corporate tour, or showing your product being made using proper safety precautions, or the extra precautions you and your workers are taking to slow the spread at this time. DO NOT offer coronavirus specials or give away free toilet paper as a promotion. Use your social media channels to offer value, tell stories about your brand, and highlight how your business is making a difference.

Do not stop communicating. If you normally send a monthly special email, account statements, or product ideas-now is not the time to stop. Continue communicating with your clients/customers.

Make sure your sales team has (and knows how to use) technology in order to “stay in front of” clients and customers. Virtual meetings are easy to set up using Zoom, Facetime, Skype, etc. But of course, they can also communicate using email or a good old-fashioned phone call. Be sure they understand your clients and customers need to know that your business is still there to provide the product/service your business supplies to them. During this time, it will be difficult to establish trust with prospects you do not yet have a relationship with, so focus on strengthening the relationships you have. Remember to have REAL conversations with your clients and customers. Really LISTEN to them, let them voice concerns, and be flexible with them by possibly offering special payment options or terms.

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Be sure each and every interaction with a prospect, buyer, or customer communicates your organization’s value in a clear and concise way. Assume that they do not have time to do research. Be conscientious of their time and remove any “fluff” from sales materials or proposals.

Be sure your sales team understands that now is the time to “stock up” on leads. Have them spend additional time making connections on LinkedIn, for instance. Be sure to also have them ask for referrals when appropriate. Your current customers/clients already trust you; their recommendation will carry weight when reaching out to these leads. It is always a good idea, pandemic or not, to have a well-stocked pipeline of prospects.

Gretchen Gleason

Gretchen Gleason

Senior Account Manager

Gretchen is a Senior Account Manager with Maennche Virtual CMO. Maennche Virtual CMO is a marketing strategy and business growth consulting firm.

Gretchen spent 10 years in the I.T. Industry in continuing education training, course curriculum design, software upgrade implementation, and I.T. Recruiting.

She is a wife to the most loving and incredible man on the planet, a mom to 3 outstanding kids (and one ornery bulldog) and a devoted Tennessee Vols fan.

Gretchen is also a volunteer with SCORE here in Tulsa, where she is the Chairperson of the Women’s Leadership Committee. She is committed to helping women business owners through mentoring, monthly breakfasts, and the annual Women’s Leadership Conference. These are used to enhance awareness and education, as well as encourage networking with other women within the community.