Maennche Virtual CMO Provides Extra Income for Oklahoma Teachers

Oklahoma teachers have fought for decades to receive fair wages for the jobs that take on molding the minds of our children’s future. While strides have been taken to raise Oklahoma’s average teacher salary to around $52k, the state still ranks 34th nationally, according to the National Education Association. While this is reasonably competitive regionally, the mere jump to $56k would keep the state on par with neighboring Texas.

At Maennche Virtual CMO, we are passionate about Oklahoma and knew there had to be a way for our business to provide the change that the state couldn’t. Instead of relying on taxes and new programs to improve teacher salaries that provide little to no support, we allow Oklahoma teachers to control their own raises through content writing opportunities. In fact, many of the teachers that have joined the program are making an average of $3k annually by simply writing two articles each week.

Smiling female lecturer helping student during her class

A New Opportunity for Oklahoma Teachers

Oklahoma teachers are often experts in their fields and have the unique ability to communicate at the level their intended audience needs to comprehend the message. This unique ability translates perfectly to marketing and allows businesses of all sizes to tap into the expertise of Oklahoma teachers to create the most effective content possible for their marketing plan.

Maennche Virtual CMO works with many different clients in Oklahoma and beyond. To put this expertise into perspective, a teacher specializing in biology might be an excellent fit for pest control or veterinary articles; however, they might be a better fit for Spanish translations if they are a Spanish teacher. While these are typical, we allow teachers to write about any topic they are comfortable with. No matter what subject a teacher is interested in, we likely have a perfect fit.

While many of the teachers in the program will take on extra work during summer break or fall break, the average teacher will still complete around two articles weekly when participating in this program to provide a significant bump to their supplement their current salary. Maennche Virtual CMO allows each teacher to control how much work they are comfortable with to ensure that their workload and payments reflect the amounts they hope to achieve.

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How Does the Program Work?

Maennche Virtual CMO wants to make it easy for an Oklahoma business to help support teachers. That’s why we devised an extremely efficient program that streamlines content delivery from inception to completion. The steps included in the program are much easier than you might imagine. Here’s what to expect if you join the program as a client:


A client reaches out to let us know what content they need. This will often be in the form of a blog, article, or standard web page content. Once we have defined the goal of the content, we will also ask for any relevant keywords or keyword phrases that need to be implemented and a minimum word count.


Our content director will review the submission to determine which teachers are the best fit and then assign the content to them with the qualifications outlined by the client. We often set hard deadlines for these projects and verify that the chosen teacher will be able to complete them on time.


The assigned teacher will write the requested content on their own time and submit it to Maennche Virtual CMO’s content director for review. Any required edits will be made for accuracy, SEO, or grammar during this phase. After the content is edited, it is sent to the account manager or client for review.


When the content is approved, Maennche Virtual CMO’s web design team will add it to the client’s website. Our SEO team will then monitor the content to see how it performs and determine if any changes are needed to improve search engine ranking or content effectiveness.

Are You Ready to Help Support Oklahoma’s Teachers?

When you partner with Maennche Virtual CMO for your content needs, you can rest easy knowing that you are also supporting Oklahoma’s teachers. All it takes to get started is a consultation to discuss how our network of Oklahoma teachers can help your business! If you know a teacher that would be a good fit for this program, please feel free to refer them to this page for more information on how to join!


Matthew Maennche

Chief Strategist

With over two decades of in-the-trenches marketing experience, Matthew Maennche’s views on developing and supporting a successful business are fundamentally different from the norm. As a developer and strategist, Maennche has helped thousands of businesses of all sizes, both domestic and international, take their organizations to the next level.

Matthew also spends time giving back to the local business community as a volunteer, mentor, and leader for the local chapter of SCORE.