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At Leading Edge Innovations, LLC. dba Maennche Virtual CMO, we know how hard business owners across Oklahoma and the United States work to get their piece of the pie. As a family-owned and operated entity, our team provides business consulting, digital marketing, and website development services, emphasizing innovation and keeping an eye on the future. Our unique training allows the companies we work with to stop playing “musical marketer” and start developing internal strategies that maximize their digital marketing budgets through surgical-like execution.

After spending years in the trenches developing businesses of all kinds, we had an idea for a new, better way to generate sustainable progress. Over the last two decades, we have worked with some truly amazing business owners and entrepreneurs. This experience led us to conclude that the one obvious common thread between our successes and those of our clients is the belief that our team members are invaluable to our success and our future.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services

Did you know that there are more than 5,585 digital advertising agencies within the United States alone? Even more astonishing, there are approximately 2,200 companies that specialize in just direct mail marketing. Instead of spreading your budget thin between multiple service providers, why not partner with a team that can handle any marketing needs you might have?

Maennche Virtual CMO has the skills and expertise needed to complete any of a client’s projects internally. As you grow, we can adapt the overall strategy to remain as efficient as possible while ensuring that new milestones and goals are being set to continue progress. Our agreements are month-to-month and exist primarily to set expectations. Name another marketing agency that is that confident in its ability to deliver on its promises!

Maennche Virtual CMO's agreements are month-to-month and exist primarily to set expectations

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Making a lasting difference in your business starts with just a single choice. What if partnering with Maennche Virtual CMO was the step you needed to secure the future of your business? If you are interested in learning more about the services we provide or just want to know what to expect when working with us, we would love to have that conversation!

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The best way to build a community is by creating strength in numbers and working towards a common goal. Even if you aren’t ready to work with our team, you can still get a lot of great information on building your business by following us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. When you are ready to see what is possible, just reach out and let us know how we can help.

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