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If you have anxiety when dealing with new technology or struggle to adapt to digital resources, you likely suffer from techtimidation. However, while learning new systems can be a challenge, easy-to-use tools can effortlessly be incorporated into your day-to-day processes to make life easier as a small business owner. If you are ready to embrace new business technologies but don’t know how to get started or think it’s too hard, Don’t Be Techtimidated is the perfect seminar for you!

In the Don’t Be Techtimidated workshop, Matthew Maennche will introduce you to some common tools that will cover a broad spectrum of the needs of your business including establishing a foundation, acquiring new customers, tracking order progress, generating repeat business and improving your bottom line. Although these can seem like challenging problems for a small business owner, I promise I can help simplify it for you without getting too technical.

Technology shouldn’t be something that you fear. Constant improvements in digital tools and resources have made it possible for small business owners to easily manage and grow their business with minimal effort. The first, and most challenging, step is learning these processes and applying them. The goal of Don’t Be Techtimidated is to cut through the noise and provide an easy introduction to modern solutions you should be using.

As a VCMO, I have helped countless businesses expand their reach and grow online. In many cases, this would not have been possible without modern technology. Don’t let your business be held back because you think technology is too hard to understand and what you are doing is working. By eliminating the anxiety that you may have, a world of opportunity is waiting for you. You may even find that running your business even gets much easier over time!

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