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Using Google Analytics is essential for any website owner that wants to improve their success online or provide a better experience for their visitors. As a FREE tool, Google Analytics can be used to track visitor data when they come to your website and the exact ways in which they are using it. It has never been easier to track the performance of your website and ensure your search engine optimization campaign (SEO) is effective at helping you reach your goals online.

In Google Analytics 101, Matthew Maennche will help cover everything you need to know about Google Analytics from installing to using the software effectively. Being a small business owner doesn’t mean you don’t have the tools needed to be a great marketer and the resources to use them to their full potential. Some topics that will be covered during Google Analytics 101 include:

• What Is Google Analytics?
• How Can Google Analytics Benefit Your Website?
• How Can You Effectively Use Google Analytics To Track Your Website Traffic?

If you are ready to take control of your marketing efforts online and want to make this the most successful year yet for your business, you need to be using Google Analytics. In this workshop, you learn the most effective ways to use this powerful software for your website and start seeing real results. Matthew Maennche can help cut through the technical jargon to provide a simple explanation that can give you the confidence to monitor and improve your website traffic.

Unlock the secrets overpriced marketing agencies don’t want you to know about in this seminar. No matter what your level of experience may be, I am confident that you will leave prepared to use Google Analytics for your own website. If you are ready to learn more about this great tool, you are encouraged to RSVP for Google Analytics 101 today!

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