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If you’ve ever boosted a post on Facebook, you likely weren’t too pleased with the results. While a common practice for small businesses, it typically doesn’t generate the right traffic you are looking for and, instead of closing a sale or generating a lead, your money could be going down the drain. Small business owners know that they should be utilizing Facebook to reach their audiences; however, their approach to it may not be the most effective way.

No matter what industry you are in, your target customers are likely using Facebook on a daily basis. What if you had the opportunity to pinpoint them based on their demographics, interests or smallest personal detail? With Facebook ads, you have the ability to tap into social media’s greatest strengths and get your marketing message in front of the audiences that need to hear them at the time they need them most.

In the How to use Facebook Ads seminar, VCMO Matthew Maennche will teach you the difference between boosting a post and running a successful Facebook Ads campaign. During this seminar, you will also learn how to find the right audiences to ensure your marketing messages are reaching your ideal clients every time. After leaving this seminar, you will be confident enough to create your first Facebook Ads campaign and monitor the results to ensure it’s working.

If you are still boosting posts on Facebook, the How to use Facebook Ads seminar was created for you. Before you waste any more money boosting your top performing posts, let me show you the most effective alternative available with Facebook Ads. Anyone can utilize Facebook Ads correctly to make the most of their marketing budget and track the results. Ready to get started? RSVP for the How to use Facebook Ads seminar today!

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