Why Conversion Rate Matters

Imagine, for one moment, that you are the proud owner of a small business in Oklahoma City. You have decided to set up shop on one of the busiest intersections in the city, a place where you will have thousands of people walk by your store daily. Surely this means that you will be a…

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Why are Bounce Rates Important for Your Website?

In the digital world, there are millions of clicks across website databases that seemingly never end (Ask the TikTok surfers!). Although, the measure of success for websites and advertising companies relies on the determination of a “bounce rate” to help understand the longing interactions and connections with their cyber visitors. A bounce rate can help…

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What are Backlinks, and Why are they Important?

Some may ask, “What is a backlink?”. In their simplest form, backlinks connect websites to each other. If you put a link to a website on your page, someone has a backlink from you. If someone else posts a link to your website on their page, you have a backlink from them. Backlinks help with…

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Google Analytics 4 Properties Receive New Update

Google recently announced that Google Analytics 4 properties are now eligible for cross-channel data-driven attribution. This email has created quite a buzz for some of our clients and led to even more questions about what it all means. So, we thought this would be a great time to explain the general idea of the new…

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Voice and Visual Search Trends for 2020

If you’ve visited one of my workshops or have actively kept up with the information provided on this website, you likely already know important changes are happening in the world of search engines.

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Google Search Console Begins Rolling Out Speed Report

As Google Search Console begins rolling out a speed report, what does this new functionality mean for webmasters or marketing firms that are looking to make the biggest splash online?

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What is Google RankBrain?

As a component of Google’s core algorithm, RankBrain utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide the most relevant search results possible for a given query.

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Optimizing for Voice Search

With the growth of home devices and voice-activated cell phone assistants, voice search has become a prominent trend that many marketing experts didn’t anticipate.

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What is Keyword Stuffing?

In the past, webmasters achieve great success in search engine results by employing a strategy called keyword stuffing.

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Moz Released Domain Authority 2.0: What Does That Mean?

As the leader in SEO information, Moz has helped countless SEOs fine-tune their strategy to provide real results for their clients.

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New Findings On Effective Content Marketing

Researchers took the time to review several key factors including social media engagement, word count, how the content was formatted and the quality of backlinks they received. Now that they have released their research.

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The Top 4 Content Marketing Mistakes

While content marketing can be effective when properly implemented, many businesses aren’t using this strategy to its full potential. While anyone could aimlessly write a blog and post it to their website, there is much more to this process than you might think.

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