Adding a New User to YouTube

As more businesses recognize the power of YouTube as a marketing channel, business owners need to ensure that their accounts remain accessible and secure at all times. In the past, YouTube channels were bound to a single set of credentials – making it difficult for collaboration or external management to occur. Fortunately, YouTube has made…

Adding a New User to Facebook

With over 2 billion users, Facebook has become a valuable marketing channel for businesses of all sizes. No matter who their ideal client is, Facebook is considered one of the easiest ways to find them, expose them to new products or services, and create long-term relationships with them. Even better, setting up a business page…

Adding a New User to a WordPress Website

With WordPress powering over 42% of the web, it’s no surprise that most businesses have used the CMS for their own website. From simple blogs to advanced websites or web-based applications, the opportunities afforded by WordPress are seemingly endless. Fortunately, WordPress comes with a robust user management system built-in to the system to allow businesses…

Adding a New User to Google Maps

As a part of the Google My Business suite, Google Maps helps local shoppers find the services, products, and businesses that mean the most to them. Like any other local citation, Google My Business profiles must fulfill various considerations to make the most impact. From reputation management to updated store hours, there isn’t enough time in the day for…

Adding a New User to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful, free tool designed to give website owners unique insights into their visitors, how they interact with pages, and much more essential information needed to prepare for the future. Business owners that don’t fully understand how to navigate the intricacies of Google Analytics will often outsource that information to a marketing agency; however,…

Adding a New User to a LinkedIn Company Page

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn makes it easy for businesses to add new admins to their existing company pages. This allows for them to easily be managed without sharing the master password or other credentials. When the latter is chosen, it can often require a code to bypass two-factor authentication – further delaying the…

Setting Up Cloudflare and Adding a New User

As a modern tool that every website should be utilizing, Cloudflare protects from threats while ensuring reliability for external-facing websites, applications, or APIs. With several plan options ranging from a basic free version that fulfills most website needs to an Enterprise option that expands tools, support, and reporting options, Cloudflare is an absolute must for…


Used by millions of websites globally, Cloudflare is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to improve your website’s speed and enhance security against online threats – like DDoS attacks. As a Content Delivery Network (CDN), Cloudflare helps business of all sizes boost their online assets through unique solutions that can be leveraged for a big impact with little user effort.

Domain Transfer

As a common practice among websites, domain transfers occur when a website administrator wants to change the hosting option that they currently invest in or wants to change ownership of a domain. Once a transfer has been completed, the new registrar will maintain any relevant information associated with the domain or registrant.

SEMRush: SERP Features Legend

Having a good SEO strategy requires a consistent focus on the newest SERP features and the impact that they will have on certain websites. SERPs are better described as a “Search Engine Results Page” and are often defined by their keyword phrase or the unique query that generates the results through Google, Bing or other search engines. Below you will find a list of the most common SERP features found on SEMrush and some of the reasons any website may benefit from investing effort into improving them.


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