Deano's Senior Transit Case Study

Deano’s Senior Transit was born out of the inability to secure reliable transportation for Meredith’s grandmother.  The family became frustrated with companies that were constantly late or even forgot about the pick-up of her grandmother.  Their fleet was not maintained or clean and the drivers were unprofessional. These companies just had all-around bad customer service.


Deano’s is different. They sought out specialized non-emergency medical transport vehicles that can transport ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients at the same time.  Oxygen is also provided in the vehicles for their riders. These high-end vehicles are loaded with technology and are maintained and cleaned daily to ensure they are ready for the next day.


Deano's Senior Transit was working through setting up their business when they reached out for help. They were (and still are) being mentoring by SCORE, but they needed more than what SCORE could provide. Someone that could help with all aspects of starting a business and provide them with options they didn't know about.


Maennche Virtual CMO was brought on as Deano's Senior Transit's Chief Marketing Officer. We have helped them with contract negotiations with multiple different facilities throughout Northeast Oklahoma. Standard operating procedures were created and put in place as well as finding routing software to help make day-to-day operations as easy as possible.


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Deano with Wheelchair

Maennche Virtual CMO is Genuine and Caring. Without their mentorship, encouragement, and push to preserve; Deano's Senior Transit would not be where we are today. 

~Meredith Ruhmann

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