Extra Money For Teachers


Are you a teacher who needs extra income? Silly question I know, what teacher doesn't need some extra income? If you can write articles and would like to build new skills in the marketing industry, we can provide supplemental income at the workload frequency you are most comfortable with.

A Program Developed with Oklahoma's Teachers in Mind

Oklahoma is constantly starting new programs and implementing taxes to improve teacher salaries; however, the money generated rarely makes it into their wallets. As a new approach to breaking away from “business as usual,” Maennche Virtual CMO allows Oklahoma’s teachers to improve their salaries through content writing opportunities.

Being a teacher is about more than just a salary; however, earning a living wage is an essential part of any career. Whether you want to write a single article a week or are looking for something a little more time-consuming, Maennche Virtual CMO can help you gain the extra income you are looking for on a contract basis. We offer teachers a competitive wage of 5¢ per word as a 1099 contractor– meaning a single 1000-word article could net $50. The only barrier to how much money a teacher can make is their own commitment levels! 

Why Do Teachers Make Great Content Writers?

We often get asked, "Why teachers?"

At Maennche Virtual CMO, we understand that teachers are experts in their fields. Perhaps even more important, you spend your entire career perfecting the ability to communicate at the level the recipient needs to comprehend the message. Through this program, businesses of all sizes can harness that expertise to create the most effective and efficient content possible.  

Maennche Virtual CMO offers content writing opportunities for teachers

What Content Writing Opportunities Are Available?

Maennche Virtual CMO works with many clients that span many different industries and geographies. For this reason, we are looking to develop the largest network possible. We might leverage your knowledge for pest control articles if you are a biology teacher. On the other hand, a Spanish teacher would be an excellent asset for translating content. Whatever topic you are most comfortable with and/or passionate about, we likely have the perfect fit. 

Some of our teachers primarily take on extra work during school downtime, like summer break or fall break. We are comfortable with this approach and can help teachers adjust their workload based on the time of year that works best for them. However, if you are looking for opportunities to make extra money year-round, we have that as well. We try to keep an open line of communication with each teacher to ensure they are happy and comfortable with the workload they are receiving. 

How Does The Program Work?

Maennche Virtual CMO has worked with several teachers over the past several years. This unique insight into what they were looking for in a supplemental income-based job and the best way to meet their needs led us to develop a program that benefits every teacher that wants to build their bank account at their own pace.

All it takes to get started is a few critical steps in the process:

  • 1 Maennche Virtual CMO will set up a new account in our CRM and provide login credentials for the teacher to gain access. It is recommended that the teacher review this CRM and ask any questions before starting work.
  • 2 Our content manager will assign you tasks that align with your experience, and you will complete these tasks and log your work. Most tasks will be scheduled at least a week out to ensure they are achievable.
  • 3 You will keep a list of articles that you wrote, documenting both the title and word count, in an excel spreadsheet. This document will need to be sent to the content manager or a designated supervisor before a designated payday.
  • 4 A check or EFT will be issued to the teacher as a 1099 Contractor on the 1st or 15th  of the month, whichever day is next. If no work has been completed or submitted within that timeframe, the teacher will not receive a payment.
It's easy to join the Extra Money for Teachers program at Maennche Virtual CMO

As a 1099 Contractor, teachers can leave the program whenever they are ready. Although, we do ask for a two-week notice to ensure that any outstanding tasks are completed or moved to another writer. If the program isn't working for you or you need to take a break, we understand and will work with you to make transitions as easy as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Extra Money for Teachers Program

When reaching out to teachers to invite them to participate in the program, we often receive a lot of questions about both the program and who Maennche Virtual CMO is. To help make the process a little easier, here are some of the most common questions we are asked and their answers. If you have other questions not listed here, just let us know!

Do you have questions about the Money for Teachers program?

Want to Learn more about the Extra Money for Teachers Program?

If you are intrigued by the thought of thousands of people reading articles you wrote or want to flex a new side hustle, then we are looking for you. We want to add highly motivated and talented teachers to join our content writing team at a level that makes sense for them. Submit the form below and our Content Director will reach out to answer any questions you have or help you get started.