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Setting parameters

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Choose to crawl the entire root domain, a specific subdomain, or set of subfolders.

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In minutes, you’ll get a full report with your site health score and a prioritized list of errors, warnings, and notices about your site’s issues.

All-in-One Auditing Tool

Check for over 130 common website issues and get special reports about your site’s crawlability, use of markups, internal linking, speed/performance, HTTPS, and international SEO.


Eliminate Technical SEO Issues


Find out where and how exactly your website’s site’s crawlability needs to be improved. See the crawl depth, HTTP status codes, and a sitemap vs. crawled pages comparison.

Log File Analyzer

Looking for technical analysis of your site’s crawlability? Upload your website’s log file to the Log File Analyzer and get a report about how accessible your site is to bots and search engines.

Speed and Performance

Get a comprehensive report showing you where your site has slow load speeds, large html files, average page load speed, and more.

Internal Linking

Find local content ideas, trending topics in your area, and get assistance as you outline and write new content for your local site.

Optimize Your Website's Performance

International SEO

Correctly set up hreflang – the tag responsible for providing proper translations and localized versions of webpages.

On Page SEO Ideas

Pair your Site Audit with On Page SEO Checker to collect tons of actionable recommendations to boost your site’s on page SEO.

Easy Reporting

Make beautiful PDF reports with the audit results to keep your clients and teammates easily informed about the status and progress of the website.

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