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A functioning HVAC system is something that many of us couldn’t live without, or wouldn’t want to, when given the opportunity. While there are many fascinating aspects of the heating and air industry, many businesses will often unintentionally advertise themselves instead of the affordable and high-quality services that they can provide to the community that they serve. Unfortunately, this can cause more damage than it does to bring new clients in. So, it is important to ensure that you have a proven and reliable HVAC marketing strategy in place to make the most impact.

HVAC marketing is most successful when technicians or their associated company can highlight why they are the best choice for the heating and air services that clients in their area may be needing through local search optimization, content marketing, search engine marketing or email campaigns that keep the HVAC service provider memorable in the minds of their potential customers whenever they may be needed. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur that has started your own HVAC service company or are a full-sized provider with multiple technicians, having a great marketing strategy in place is critical for success.

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Through a customized approach, Matthew Maennche works to help HVAC providers find the perfect marketing strategy to meet their goals. With experience creating his own businesses from the ground up and learning the steps needed to help them thrive in competitive markets, Matthew can provide services that encourage optimal growth no matter what stage your business may currently be in. From start-ups to well-known service providers, there is an HVAC marketing strategy that will work to help you expand even further than you currently have with minimal investment.

From service offerings to expertise, many things could make your HVAC company different or unique in comparison to your competitors. Finding what that is and capitalizing on it is a key part of HVAC marketing because it gives you a potential edge on competitors in the minds of homeowners that require your services. Don’t wait until you fall behind to get started, schedule a meeting with us to learn how your business can grow faster with our HVAC marketing knowledge and expertise.

Types Of HVAC Marketing

HVAC marketing requires a certain attention to detail that isn’t the same in other industries. While you may want to focus on promoting your brand as an individual, it is crucial to ensure that you are explaining what services you offer and why a potential client should choose you over another provider. To help make developing an HVAC marketing strategy easier, we will look at some common components that should be included and some of the ways they can be leveraged to provide the most support possible. Some different types of marketing that you should consider for your HVAC marketing strategy include:


Local Search Marketing

Establishing expertise in your local area is critical for any business in the service industry. Not only does this promote brand recognition, but it also makes customers more comfortable in investing in your services because they know that you are knowledgeable in the field. The more your prospects view you as an expert, the more likely they are to contact you when services are needed or refer you to their friends. But, how do you incorporate local search marketing into your overall strategy?

One of the best ways to get started is to complete local citations and map listings for your business. If you service multiple areas and can create a map location for them, make sure that each of these locations has a listing on Google My Business, Bing and Apple Maps. With these in place, local customers will be more likely to find you organically when searching for the services that you already offer in their area through a simple web search.

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Content Marketing

As a broad term, there are many approaches to content marketing that HVAC providers can use to improve their overall marketing strategy. Any content that you have about your business online needs to be keyword-rich to make it easily searched by a potential client and ensure you are ranking as high as possible in your service areas. Some potential ways you could bolster your content marketing strategy are to review your current website content and adjust it as needed to more closely meet the search terms you want to rank for or creating a weekly blog that hits new keyword phrases and establishes credibility within your industry locally.

When developing new content for your website or blogs, try to make your keyword phrases urgent to drive consistent business for emergency services. Some potential examples of this include “emergency HVAC repair in my area” or “same-day AC system repair”. Unlike other keyword phrases that don’t show urgency, these phrases are more likely to result in a call for service immediately and ensure you are getting the bulk of HVAC emergency services needed in your area. Remember, every piece of content should be establishing credibility or meeting the current needs of a searcher for the best results.

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Search Engine Marketing

A great HVAC marketing strategy will incorporate some form of search engine marketing that includes search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC). While not every strategy will require PPC, it is a great option for local businesses that provide services because it guarantees placement at the top of the search results. On the other hand, SEO requires a keen understanding of the search ranking algorithms and strategic implementation of those concepts and ideas.

Taking the time to learn SEO and PPC are beneficial for any business owner; however, ongoing changes and constant updates make it hard for them to keep up with other daily demands. For this reason, many HVAC business owners will outsource their PPC and SEO to focus on providing the best service possible

to their clients and not hindering their customer service efforts. This also helps avoid costly mistakes that could potentially eat into your available HVAC marketing budget.


Email Marketing

One of the easiest ways to create brand loyalty among your clients is to ensure they don’t forget about you once the service call is completed. Although HVAC repair may seem like a rare occurrence, a solid HVAC marketing plan should be well-rounded enough to encourage clients to invest in routine maintenance or other add-on services that may be more regular. By establishing and maintaining a viable email marketing list, you can reach your customers wherever they may be to let them know when these services may be needed or are currently on special.

When starting HVAC email marketing, it is important to ensure you are not sending emails to clients too frequently because this can result in churn or unsubscribers. Take the time to carefully craft your messages for the most impact and send them sparingly or whenever a promotion is going on. This will ensure you are not overwhelming them and pushing them away due to too much information being thrown at them that they may not feel is relevant. Segmenting your audiences based on their needs may also help define what content should be included in the email that is being sent for the most impact.


HVAC Marketing Strategy

While each of the methods above plays an important role in creating a successful HVAC marketing strategy, what works for one business may not work for another. For this reason, it is important to take the time to create a unique strategy that benefits the unique goals of your business. By creating a well-rounded HVAC marketing strategy and implementing it appropriately, businesses can create campaigns that not only help encourage conversions but continue to build brand loyalty.


No matter what size your HVAC business may currently be, it is important to start creating measurable marketing goals that can be adjusted once they have been reached. This forward-thinking approach will ensure that you are consistently growing and are always investing in campaigns that work in conjunction with your vision for the future. Don’t be afraid to regularly review the data that is available to you to determine what is working and what isn’t to adjust to changing demands both internally and externally.

During the implementation of your HVAC marketing plan, it is important to ensure that you are not neglecting your current customers just to increase your client pool. A great marketing plan will not only account for the growth of new customers but will also establish brand-loyalty among your existing ones. Your business will be able to increase long-term success and, in turn, improve your efforts through positive word-of-mouth or testimonials from customers you have served in the past and continue serving in the future.

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Finding success with your HVAC marketing strategy should not be a challenge. If you are ready to invest in time-tested and proven strategies to market your HVAC business, the team at Maennche Virtual CMO is here to help make it easy with optimal growth strategies and measurable results to ensure you are hitting your goals. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and learn what is possible!