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Search Engine Optimization

At Maennche VCMO, we fuse years of search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge with the technical precision required to implement strategies and encourage long-term growth. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts with SEO, and many of our competitors implement quick fixes that result in penalization from search engines. Using a data-driven approach, our team leverages a 130-point checklist to deliver proven SEO strategies that never compromise a client’s opportunity for success.

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Nearly every digital marketing agency provides social media management services now. But, other than pricing, what makes them different from one another? At a basic level, all of these providers follow the same process – create content, publish it, and then, hopefully, analyze the results to see how it performs. While it might have been easier to follow the crowd, Maennche Virtual CMO knows that a great social media management plan needs to be more structured to ensure success.

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WordPress Hosting


We know that business owners have a lot of things to worry about each day. Unfortunately, that means that WordPress maintenance can easily be overlooked – often resulting in tragic consequences. The truth is that if you aren't prepared, it isn't if a cyberattack will happen; it is when. Maennche Virtual CMO wants to make it easy to stay up-to-date and protected from the constant threat of hackers and other cyberattacks through verified WordPress maintenance services.

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Have you ever searched on Google and wondered how the top results got that place? With a closer look, you might notice a small tag next to the top three listings that says “Ad.” While getting close to these results is possible with a great content strategy, PPC advertising is the only way to actually crack the top three results that show on a search engine results page for many of the queries that your customers might be making.

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Over 4.2 billion people utilize social media every month across the globe, and the number of users is expected to increase to over 5 billion in 2025. Building excitement and encouraging engagement on these powerful platforms are crucial for any social media marketing strategy. But what if your efforts could be expanded to include advertising to make a more significant impact on your audiences with little investment?

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Email Marketing

There is a common misconception that email is no longer an effective communication method for business. This couldn't be further from the truth. Email newsletters are proven to be influential and essential for email marketing and strengthened branding. Not taking advantage of this form of marketing restricts brands from reaching their true growth potential.

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As you may or may not be aware a Chief Marketing Officer is the executive role responsible for developing and executing an organization's marketing activity. This person is responsible for maintaining consistent branding across all forms of communication, developing new ways to reach current and potential clients, and ensuring that the appropriate tracking is in place so that a positive or negative R.O.I. can be determined for each marketing investment effort.

A Virtual Chief Marketing Officer fills the shoes of a CMO but on a part time basis. This is particularly advantageous for small and medium sized businesses as these businesses typically do not have enough to keep a full time CMO 100% occupied.

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We took the current standards for working with marketers and tossed them out the window. You will never guess what happened… things got better. Sorry for the dramatic clickbait type of lead-in.

Seriously though, it turns out where there is smoke there is fire.  A recent study shows that 84% of millennials do not trust traditional advertising. Is that rare or common sense? Seriously, how much do you trust your marketers?

Marketing Agencies, like any other repetitive business, build processes and they align every aspect of their client's marketing to fit inside those processes. Now let me ask you a question, how successful can a marketing strategy be that is built specifically to make your marketer's life easier?

Did you know...

  • Businesses Start with less than $25,000

  • Businesses Fail within the First 5 Years

  • Businesses started in 2007 who were still in business in 2017


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