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When developing pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for your business, Bing is more than just the other search engine option. When your goal is to reach as many people as possible in your target market, choosing the "alternative" marketing channels is proven to be a wise decision.

Maennche VCMO offers Microsoft Advertising management with options to extend your reach and maximize business growth opportunities. Bing Ads covers roughly 17 percent of the search engine market that you would not want to miss out on.

Microsoft Advertising is a PPC platform that serves ads on Bing, Yahoo!, and DuckDuckGo. Though these search engines have fewer searches than Google, they still receive up to 400 million searches a day combined and are responsible for 6% of the global search market at the beginning of 2019. So, if 100% of customers aren't searching on google, why limit your reach?

Bing Ads follow the same format as Google Ads. Microsoft Advertising offers its own pay-per-click marketing service designed to help reach a specific audience and increase revenue and traffic to your website. This platform works on an auction system where advertisers can show relevant ads to users searching a particular keyword.

Why Choose Bing Ads for Your Business?

While you decide what advertising platform to use for your PPC campaign, it is important to consider using both Google and Bing simultaneously for the best reach. While Google is responsible for most search engine traffic, you will be missing out on a portion of the population if you don't use Bing.

Microsoft Advertising is a great option to increase a business's reach and target users who do not use Google. Since fewer people advertise through Bing, Yahoo!, and DuckDuckGo, targeting customers is less expensive and often incredibly successful. Although, having the right message and target audiences is critical for success.


Other ways your company will benefit by hiring Maennche VCMO for Bing Ad Management include:

Lower Cost than Google Ads

Because Bing Ads are not as popular as Google Ads, there is no need to deal with high competition and unnecessarily high costs. Bing Ads can cost up to 33% less than Google Ads, saving on budget and achieving high results. The lower competition gives more opportunity for targeted marketing and higher converting rates.

Higher Clickthrough Rates

As mentioned above, less competition means more accurate opportunities for ad placement and, as a result, higher clickthrough rates. Bing Ads are ideal for top rankings and increased sales without sacrificing a large chunk of a business's allotted budget.

Easy Importing

Microsoft created its advertising platform so that businesses could easily import existing Google Ad campaigns for use in Bing, Yahoo!, and DuckDuckGo. It makes for an easy transition or integration of the new platform and extends visibility to almost everyone that uses the Internet.

Extended Demographics

Like Google Ads, Bing Ads lets you target based on age, gender, geographic location, etc. However, Microsoft Advertising is the only platform that allows you to target based on day of the week, time, and device (mobile or desktop). This will enable you to do a more targeted campaign and boost cost-efficiency by ensuring your ad performs in the most opportune micro-moments.

LinkedIn Profile Targeting

Microsoft Advertising is the only platform that allows you to use LinkedIn profile information to identify and target potential clients. With LinkedIn becoming the most accurate network to access business data, you can target ads based on company, industry, and job function. This opens new opportunities for B2B advertising.

Types of Bing Ads and Features

With Bing Ads management from Maennche VCMO, a company will have the accessibility to choose from different types of advertising for its campaigns. In addition to these benefits, campaigns can easily be customized to acquire the most reach at the least cost possible. Our team will do in-depth research to ensure a business's budget is being used effectively.

Text Ads

Bing allows companies the choice to include extensive text ads in their PPC campaigns. These ads display when someone searches for something containing a keyword from your post. Often, they can be found displayed above, below, or on the side of the search results.

Content Ads

Content ads add flexibility and broad reach to where ads are shown. These ads will be seen by Bing, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other partners. For businesses that need assistance creating graphics or other required content, our knowledgeable PPC team can help.

Product Ads

Bing displays ads on its search results page with images, promotional text, prices, and company names. By implementing product ads, Bing ads generate more sales to your company. This support is invaluable for online retailers that maintain an E-Commerce store.

With Bing Ads, a company also gets access to other features such as:

  • Advertise globally
  • Advertise locally
  • Reach customers in any country or region or within a specific distance from your business
  • Measure campaign performance reporting
  • Track your online advertising budget and spend
  • Evaluate ad and keyword performance
  • Develop insights for optimizing campaigns
  • Create a catalog for your products with Microsoft Merchant Center
FASTIV, UKRAINE - OCTOBER 20, 2011: Bing search box on computer screen close-up October 20, 2011 in Fastiv, Ukraine.

Why Choose Maennche VCMO for Bing Ads Management?

Hiring Maennche VCMO for Bing Ads management will help a company map out its specific goals and predict campaign results. Whether a business is looking to restructure an existing campaign or build a new Microsoft Advertising account, we are here to help. Our experienced team has provided advertising management services through Bing, Yahoo! and DuckDuckGo to clients from several different industries.

Internally managing Bing ads is often expensive and time-consuming when figuring out the correct ways to manage the platform assuring successful outcomes. Our team will work to create the most effective campaign possible for your business. Maennche VCMO can help your company improve reach in alternative search engines with our Bing Ads management services that include and are not limited to:

  • Industry/ Competition Research
  • Keyword selection
  • Ads Text Creation and Submission
  • Conversion tracking
  • Campaign management, strategy, and maintenance
  • Copywriting for new campaigns
  • Bid and budget optimizations
  • Geo-targeting strategy

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