Business Card Design

With everything moving to digital, it's easy for business owners to think that the traditional business card isn't important anymore. Despite this monumental shift to all things electronic, there are still some conventional tools that serve a purpose, and this is certainly true for business cards. In fact, nothing can make a lasting impact faster than a great business card design when trying to build relationships.

Maennche Virtual CMO understands that business cards are a powerful marketing tool when used correctly, and the initial impression they provide cannot be taken lightly. Our team has helped countless businesses find their business card identity, including entrepreneurs and small businesses globally. If you are struggling to define your perfect business card design, we can help.

Why Do You Need a Unique Business Card Design?

Business card design is about much more than just slapping your contact information over eye-catching graphics. Often, a business card is the first piece of branding that a potential customer will see. This means that your business card design will often define the first impression of your company. Owning a unique and creative business card is essential for a business that needs to stand out. No pressure, right?


There are many benefits of having a great business card design, including:

  • Business Card Design Enhances Branding

    Branding is an essential part of any marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many businesses choose to let their employees and sales team create their own business card designs. This diminishes the branding efforts that a company has worked to achieve and can also confuse potential customers. A cohesive business card design ensures branding remains a priority and allows customization to make it personal.

  • Business Card Design Offers a Personal Touch

    While many businesses have shifted their focus to digital methods of communication, texts or emails often get lost in the clutter, and a phone call doesn't allow for easy recall. An excellent business card design creates a memorable impression and provides an opportunity to make an introduction and exchange information. This benefit makes a great business card design essential for continued success in modern markets.

  • Business Card Design Improves Marketing

    A business card represents the company brand, often being the first exposure to the business's overall image. Business cards convey essential information such as name, email, title, and phone number, but they are typically the first impression of a business and its representatives. Without a great business card design, this crucial marketing tool could lose effectiveness – often just getting lost in a stack of other competing companies.

Effective Business Cards Never Stop Working

Did you know that the earliest form of a business card date back to 15th Century China? According to a study from Statistic Brain Research Institute, approximately 72% of consumers will form a judgment about a business based on the quality of their business cards. For this reason, using high-quality materials and investing in a professional business card design are critical.

An effective business card never stops working. With the average cost of business cards, including the design process and printing, reaching nearly $200, it is vital to ensure that your chosen business card design partner has your company's best interests in mind. If you are considering investing in professionally designed business cards, Maennche Virtual CMO can help ensure you are making a positive first impression.

business executive exchanging business card

What Makes Maennche Virtual CMO's Business Card Design Different?

Maennche Virtual CMO is a leading provider of business card design services in Tulsa, OK. Our team works directly with clients to ensure their branding remains a priority when creating a business card design that leaves a lasting impression. Whether you want to incorporate modern technology like QR codes or keep it classic, we can turn your business card vision into a reality.

With Our Business Card Design Services, Clients are Guaranteed:

  • Improved Versatility

    Despite their small size, business cards offer a surprising amount of information about a business. Maennche Virtual CMO has worked with countless companies to create unique business cards, and our design team is incredibly experienced. No matter your unique needs, we are sure to have a solution that meets them.

  • Expanded Convenience

    Maennche Virtual CMO understands that business owners often don't have a lot of time to take an active role in creating their business card design. Our team works to make the process as convenient as possible. All that is required is a design brief, and we can get to work immediately creating the business card design that best represents your business.

  • Enhanced Credibility

    Business cards are an essential part of any marketing strategy. Not only can this portable marketing tool be used anywhere, but the right business card design can also enhance credibility in a variety of environments. Our business card design team focuses on establishing and improving credibility throughout each step of the process.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Most business owners will start looking for business card design services when they have an important meeting coming up or need to prepare for a networking event. Maennche Virtual CMO understands how crucial tight deadlines are for many companies, and we will work hard to design and print your business cards to meet them. We have developed excellent partnerships with many printers, improving delivery timelines.

  • Increased Affordability

    Business card design services offer a significant return on investment. By providing our clients the ability to order business cards in bulk, we can offer discounts that would otherwise be unavailable through competitors. Even if you don't need a large order of business cards, we can still work within your budget to ensure a great price point.

  • Unmatched Support

    Maennche Virtual CMO wants all of our clients to be satisfied with our work. For this reason, we work directly with clients to ensure they are getting the exact design that they envisioned. Once a business card design is completed, we will store that design for you to provide quick printing options to improve turnaround times whenever a new order is needed.

Why Choose Maennche Virtual CMO for Business Card Design?

Our professional business card design team in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is experienced in creating eye-catching and professional business cards for many industries. This means that they can adopt new styles and innovate designs to fit specific business needs. For more information about our business card design services, contact us or call us to get started.