Geofencing Marketing

The rise of technology has been opening the door for new and innovative marketing techniques all around the globe. The goal of the marketing industry has been to find new resources and technologies that engage the audience and increase brand awareness. Fortunately, the popularity of smartphones has made it possible for location-based marketing to be a successful strategy that reaches your target audience when they visit a specific location.

Our Geofencing marketing techniques allow any business to target customers based on their real-time location, increasing sales and opportunities to engage new customers. With geofencing, you will be opening a world of possibilities to your business, improving your connection with your customers, and expanding your reach to a new audience. You can inform any smartphone user within a specific location about your products, promotions, and events through our services.

What Is Geofencing Marketing?

Geofencing marketing is a location-based marketing technique that allows for accurate advertising and content delivery targeting, using location-based alerts on the target smartphones. The term geofence is used to define the boundaries of the target location. This technology relies on wi-fi, GPS, radiofrequency, and Bluetooth to function and create a parameter where the campaign will be active. The campaign location can be determined by city, zip code, county, or millage range.

In a geofencing marketing strategy, we develop advertisements and content tailored to customers within a specific geofence. When customers enter the geofence, they may receive alerts or pop-ups containing your company’s promotion. These can be limited-time promotions, discounts, current offers, brand information, and more.


Businesses today use geofencing to expand their digital presence and stay ahead of the competition. While most companies function online, geofencing is perfect for companies that rely on local customers and want to develop a multichannel marketing strategy. Its location-based target marketing allows businesses to target areas around theirs or the competition location, improving brand awareness and loyalty.

Benefits of Geofencing Marketing

When developing a strategy to increase your business sales, most owners mistake opting for marketing techniques that target a large audience. Opting for extensive reach on a marketing campaign could raise brand awareness but not convert prospects into new customers. A company with these goals should focus on quality rather than quantity.

Geofencing allows you to build a strong brand presence in smaller locations while focusing on long-term value. While other techniques offer more extensive location targeting, its impression on the audience is not as strong or valuable as geofencing.

With our geofencing services, your business will receive these benefits:

Geofencing marketing runs on analytics. With geofence, we gather detailed data from responding customers. For example, when a customer enters your store with a promotion offered on your geofence advertisement, we collect data about their spending, ad effectiveness, visit duration, and more. Additionally, we can modify your campaign at any time, based on live analytics from the current campaign.

Businessman Working Dashboard Strategy Research Concept
Businessman Working Dashboard Strategy Research Concept

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