Online Marketing

Online marketing has become critical for businesses of all sizes. It has never been easier to get your business in front of customers for little to no cost. At Maennche Virtual CMO, we have the knowledge and experience needed to ensure your online marketing efforts are making the most impact possible and the skills needed to help your business succeed in this ever-changing landscape.

In order for your online marketing strategies to work, it is important to ensure that the messages you are sending are working cohesively. The online marketing team at Maennche Virtual CMO works to help you achieve your unique marketing goals through strategic planning and the effective execution of marketing strategies that are relevant to your business or industry.

As the Internet has expanded, it has provided opportunities for businesses of all sizes that weren’t previously available. While you could create your own marketing plan and hope for the best, there’s a good chance that your hard-earned budget will be wasted with little to no results in return. To make an impact and stand out among competitors, it is important to understand what to say and the correct time to say it. To achieve your online marketing goals, Maennche Virtual CMO can utilize several different platforms, including:

  • Google Ads – Generally regarded as the most common search engine marketing option available, Google Ads aren’t the easiest thing to master. We have had years of practice to determine what works across broad industries. Let our online marketing team find the perfect fit for your business and provide the value you are looking for.


  • Bing Ads – You may be surprised to learn that Bing accounts for nearly one-third of all desktop searching in the United States. When you invest in Bing Ads you not only show up in the search results for their platform but also Yahoo! and MSN as well. No matter what your budget may be, Maennche Virtual CMO can make Bing Ads work for you!


  • Facebook Ads – Featuring a robust advertising system, Facebook allows businesses to easily target incredibly defined target audiences based on the interest found on their profiles. While Facebook does have many different rules associated with their advertising systems, our online marketing team can help you navigate them and monitor ad performance for the most impact.


To be successful at online marketing, businesses have to understand what works and consistently monitor progress to ensure they are achieving the results they expected. While this can be challenging, working with a knowledgeable online marketing team can ensure you are positioned for success. We can take advantage of re-targeting and geo-location to ensure your message is reaching your audiences at the micro-moments that translate into sales.

Why Maennche Virtual CMO for Online Marketing?

Exposing your business to more customers online requires dedication and years of experience. In most cases, business owners don’t have the time to do this themselves and don’t have the budget to hire someone to manage it. By working with Maennche Virtual CMO, you have the ability to not only meet your marketing goals but also exceed them at a price that benefits your bottom line. If you are ready to learn more about our online marketing services, contact us today!