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There's a common belief that "a picture is worth a thousand words." While many business owners will agree that this is true, how many harness that power in their own marketing strategy? According to most recent statistics, around 60% of small businesses use video as a marketing tool. Social media engagement can skyrocket with compelling photography and video production services, while a single great commercial could lead to a business's best year yet.

Marketing a business is rarely a one-size-fits-all approach; however, it is clear that professional photography and video production are no longer just an "option" for companies that want to be successful and remain competitive. No matter what type of photography or video production a business needs, our team is sure to have the perfect fit to accomplish their goals on time and within budget.

Maennche Virtual CMO understands how important visuals are for building brand recognition and turning consumers into lifelong customers. That's why we have worked hard to build one of Oklahoma's best photography and video production teams. From staff photos and product galleries to full production commercials, we want to ensure that every business has access to this powerful marketing tool at an affordable price.

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What Makes Maennche Virtual CMO's Photography and Video Production Different?

Maennche Virtual CMO does not believe that a business should sacrifice its quality and creativity for financial reasons. That is why we offer affordable and personalized packages for photography and video production. Once you contact us, we will assign your business a creative team whose number one priority is bringing your vision to life through photography and video production.

With our photography and video production services, clients are guaranteed:

photography and video production planning
Unmatched Planning and Support

Planning a photography or video shoot can be an incredibly complex process. Our team has decades of experience in the professional environment – making us a partner you can count on to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. Whether you want to be hands-on throughout the planning process or want to let our expert team turn your vision into a cohesive project, we can adapt to ensure the best outcome possible.

As a provider of full-service photography and production services, Maennche Virtual CMO can offer our clients a wide range of helpful add-ons that might hinder their willingness to get started. This includes scriptwriting, location scouting, post-editing, and much more. No matter what level of service you need, our team is here to help ensure you get the finished product you are looking for with the support necessary to make the process a breeze.

video shoot for an interview
A Commitment to Quality

Maennche Virtual CMO has invested heavily in our photography and video production equipment. This means that each client that pursues these services through us will receive the same commitment to quality and the promise that no shortcuts will be taken that might sacrifice overall quality standards. Only professional-grade cameras will be used during photography and video production shoots to ensure the most visually appealing finished product possible.

As you might imagine, a small interview video may not need the same level of equipment as a 90-second commercial.  And, by the same token, someone that needs single headshots likely won't need an entire photography crew. Maennche Virtual CMO tries to remain flexible with every service we provide, and photography and video production are no exception. Regardless of your project's scale, we can modify the equipment to remain efficient and affordable.

team editing video after a shoot
Customized Format Support

At Maennche Virtual CMO, we know that our clients aren't investing in just commercial videos or product images. These videos or pictures will often be used in social media campaigns, newsletters, press releases, and much more. Our team can provide multiple formats that help accommodate this need and can be used in diverse ways. Even a single video shoot will net different uses in many cases – particularly if those needs are defined before filming begins.

In addition to custom formats, Maennche Virtual CMO can also trim videos to meet different time requirements for advertising. For instance, if you request a 90-second commercial, that same commercial can also be edited to hit only the high points in 15 seconds. This allows for more diversity when using video advertisements, creating greater effectiveness across different mediums, including television, YouTube, Facebook, and much more.

Video Production Services

Maennche Virtual CMO has partnered with Design Tunnel to give our clients access to Oklahoma’s leading video production and animation specialists. Our professional video and animation team can produce high-end, state-of-the-art commercials for both local and national use as well as softer non-produced messages that can make a drastic impact on social media. We encourage you to watch some of the videos below to learn what is possible. When you are ready to start your video or animation project, we are here to help!

Recruitment Videos

Animated Scenes and Text

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