Photography And Video Production

When it comes to delivering your message to your audience, remember the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Now more than ever, high-quality video and photography are utilized to emphasize a businesses’ brand identity through its website and social media platforms. Implementing informative and visually appealing media within your marketing messages helps increase the connection between your brand and your customers, engaging them, and encouraging them to spend more time on your platforms.

Imagine visiting a website, and all you can see is a page full of text with one or two low-quality images. Does it look pleasing? Would you purchase a product or service on that website? You might want to learn a bit about the product, see how it looks, and what it does. Or get to know the brand, see what its personality is like, and ensure that their values align with yours. What would you do if a website did not provide the answers you were seeking through visually appealing photos and video?

Most online users nowadays are skeptical of supporting a business if they do not understand its personality. To gain their audience’s trust and earn a higher position amongst competitors, companies have adopted new ways to communicate with their audience. By implementing video and photography communication in every aspect of their business, they have found new ways to stay relevant. However, without high-quality content, how can companies expect to achieve high-quality results? In other words, if you do not invest in yourself, how can you expect others to do so?

Desktop photo showcase
Product photography shoot of shoes

Do not panic; you do not have to learn how to operate a camera or purchase expensive video editing software to run a successful business, but the undeniable fact is: you will see a positive impact on your sales if you hire a professional video and photography production service to create high-quality media for your company.

So why not just keep it in house? Although it might seem convenient, there are a couple of elements to consider before hiring a full-time videographer and photographer to work within your business.


Remember that quality is all that matters in the digital world. With low-quality media, you might as well save time and not shoot it at all.


Are you willing to spend thousands of dollars on high-quality photography and videography equipment and software? Remember that although equipment might look similar, each piece of equipment is created for different purposes, and it is recommended to get separate devices for each type of media.


Finding one person who can do photography and videography with the same level of quality is often complicated and expensive. Most artists like to focus on one specific medium, and when looking for a full-time employee, you might need to sacrifice the quality of one for the other.

Maennche VCMO does not believe that a business should sacrifice its quality and creativity for budgetary purposes. That is why we offer affordable and personalized packages for photography and video production. We offer one of the best quality media creation services on the market without breaking your wallet. From the moment you contact us, we will assign your business a team with the number one priority being bringing your creative vision to life.

Are you not exactly sure of what you want? Do not worry; our account executives will analyze your business and develop a plan that will make this year the best year your company has ever recorded.

From the moment you choose us for your photography and video production needs, you will experience benefits such as:

  • Provide a Unique Customer Experience

    By implementing media content such as photographs and videos, there are no limits on what you can achieve, creative-wise. Over the years, brands have used these mediums to create an experience around their brand. So regardless of your businesses’ mission and vision, photos and videos on your website and any social media platform will enhance the visitors’ experience and help build and strengthen the connection with your customers.

  • Grab and Retain Customer Attention

    Every day there are millions of minutes of content released all around the world. Getting a customer’s full attention when they are browsing through a platform has become a challenge for most businesses. Not only do potential customers have more choices than ever for products and services, but they are also looking for engaging content that does not feel forced. According to the Industrial Marketer, relevant imagery combined with text gains 94% more views than without. Large retention percentages are also accredited to the inclusion of video content on websites.

    Implementing engaging content on websites has been the savior of multiple businesses around the world. This practice quickly gains visitors’ attention and increases the amount of time they will spend browsing through a website.

  • Improve SEO, Increase Click-Through Rates, Conversion Rates, and Return on Investment

    The use of video and photos on your website increases the amount of time a user spends on it, improving your search engine optimization (SEO) and placing you high on the search engine results pages, increasing your exposure.

    Additionally, using videos in emails or on your landing pages doubles click-through rates (CTR). The increase in exposure will lead to higher conversion rates and therefore a good return on investment.

  • Brand authenticity

    In many ways, visuals can help your brand grow and communicate its message. Having photography or videos on your website allows consumers to learn more about your business in the way they prefer. Since most of the population prefers to learn visually, there is no limit on the ways you can portray your brand through that medium. Photography and video allow you to communicate better than a sea of text.

  • Build trust

    The use of high-quality video and photography for your brand allows you to appear legit and trustworthy to your audience. As mentioned above, low-quality content might give the same results as publishing no content. In addition, with the right production team, you can build long-term relationships with your customers and potential customers, while becoming a leader in your industry.

    Every relationship starts with trust; conversions and sales will organically come once you gain trust through use of visual content.

Why Choose Maennche VCMO for Photography and Video Production?

To learn more about the benefits of using a professional team for photography and video production, call us or schedule an appointment today with one of our account executives. Once you contact us, we will start a business audit and develop a strategy that will give your business its best year ever!