Press Release Creation

Companies often rely on social media and online ad targeting for their marketing strategies. Although these techniques create an outstanding campaign, it is essential not to overlook the power that press releases hold over the company's image. While most marketing teams see it as a public relations exercise, here at Maennche VCMO, we know that press releases are an essential asset to marketing your business when done right.

Several benefits come when implementing press releases to your marketing strategy, but you want to ensure it is done correctly. With all the marketing techniques and the numerous tasks business owners must worry about, crafting a professional press release gets rushed and careless in the marketing process. Hence why we offer press release creation as one of our marketing strategies services.

The press release writers at Maennche VCMO have years of experience in successfully creating and distributing press releases. With our press release creation and distribution services, we have helped our customers increase their brand awareness and promote their brand image in ways that would not be effective on other platforms.


Why Does a Business Need Press Release Creation Services?

As a business owner, you know the importance of controlling what is being said about your brand. Hence the importance of expanding to your audience new ways of communicating and delivering what is said. A well-written press release is a perfect medium for sharing news about a company or announcing an event while adding value and credibility to the brand. With press releases, businesses will solidify their brands' legitimacy, increase your brand recognition, and strengthen your brand image.


Some other benefits of press releases are:

  • Press Releases Can Tell a Story

    With a press release, your company has the power to control any narrative about your company, and you have more control over how the public depicts the brand. It also allows choosing what news you want to share with your audience. Press releases can be used to announce product releases, developments, rebranding, new hires, or fix any misunderstandings.

  • Press Releases Can Earn Credibility

    Since journalists ultimately release press releases as news stories, they are ethically bound to fact-check any information and ensure it is unbiased. Therefore, by having a strict press release schedule, you will be building credibility within the industry and customers.

    By adding press releases as additional content for a website, the bond built with current customers will grow stronger. It will also be easy to convert prospects to customers since brand credibility will be strengthened and expand beyond the previously defined target audience.

  • Press Releases Can Build Relationships with the Media

    As mentioned, press releases are distributed by journalists and other hosting services. Once a company has decided to opt for this marketing technique, its relationships will grow and strengthen with any media outlet related to your industry. At Maennche VCMO, we have already built these relationships to ensure the right outlets cover submitted press releases.

    Over time, any company's announcement can be covered by multiple media outlets relevant to their industry. Press releases are crucial in building media relationships that become successful in getting a message across.

  • Press Releases Can Create Momentum

    Press releases give a company the power to create a narrative of whatever you think is important at the time. Our proven successful press releases strategies will become a part of the brand’s story and open the door for future business ventures.

    Current and future customers, investors, and journalists can access your company timeline when press releases are featured on their websites. The public will be able to detect the company's trajectory and decide how they want to become part of it.

  • Press Releases Can Announce Newsworthy Content

    While other marketing strategies focus on creating a desire from the audience to purchase a business’s product, press releases are made for sharing newsworthy content. The type of news depends solely on the brands' voice and how it wants to be portrayed, but standard announcements are:

  • Upcoming events
  • New product or service release
  • Change in management
  • Study results
  • Financial news
  • Branding launches
  • New business models
  • Press Releases Can Grow Website Traffic

    With our distribution press releases services, we select the proper channels for your business. Part of our strategy is adding the correct number of links to attract visitors to your website. While not every distribution channel might apply these links, it still increases company reach and attracts new prospects to the target website.

  • Press Releases Can Help SEO

    By encouraging backlinks from reputable websites, press releases are critical for any SEO strategy. Maennche VCMO works to optimize each press release is written to meet common search optimization goals. Our press release team will work hard to not only ensure that released information is engaging and relevant but that it also meets this particular goal of building SEO value and encouraging long-term growth.

Why Choose Maennche VCMO for Press Release Creation?

Now that you have learned all the benefits and exposure your company gets from a consistent press release schedule, what is stopping you? Regardless of your budget, strategy, or time constraints, we are likely to have a press release creation and distribution option that meets your goals. From regional releases to worldwide news, Maennche VCMO can help make sure that your business is heard.

With our years of experience and trained staff, we have developed a unique press release creation and distribution strategy that guarantees to meet your company goals. We work with different types of budgets with clients in all kinds of industries. From our experience, we have learned that without the right strategy and industry knowledge, press releases are just time-consuming and wasteful. We have developed a process that guarantees:

  • 100% originality
  • Engaging content
  • SEO optimizing
  • Strict on-time scheduling

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