Press Release Distribution

Take care of the sales while we take care of the rest. We deliver quality and original content to your business with our press release creation and distribution services. With our developed and proven strategy, we guarantee to increase your business brand awareness and improve your bottom line.

Our press release distribution service focuses on obtaining the best quality coverage for your content. By placing your business news in the hands of the right journalist, we create opportunities for your business to grow and reach a wider audience. Our years in the industry have allowed us to make meaningful connections with the best coverage networks for any audience. Whether your business is big or small, we will efficiently distribute your press releases to ensure it gets the coverage it deserves.


Why is A Press Release Distribution Strategy Important for My Business?

Press release benefits come for both content and distribution. A business can have the perfect announcement written but will receive little to no attention if the announcement is only posted on its website. To get your story picked up by local or national newspapers, magazines, blogs, and more, you need to know how to distribute a press release effectively.

This marketing strategy takes time to master and lots of trial and error for those with no previous industry experience. Fortunately, we offer affordable services for both press release creation and distribution. So, you won't have to worry about manually reaching out to journalists and publishers with no guarantee that they would write about your business. We will get you coverage in newspapers, radio, TV news bulletins, podcast, blogs, and any other desired media publication.

With our press release distribution services, your company will receive benefits such as:

  • SEO Boosts

    Implementing SEO tactics into your marketing strategy boosts your rank and increases your reach to your target audience. This helps increase sales and become well known within your audience since it gives your page visibility when someone searches for something related to your company, industry, product, or service.

    Press release distribution plays an essential part in boosting SEO. By gaining backlinks to your site from high-authority websites or just having a positive brand mention, your SEO efforts will quickly increase.

  • Increased Foot Traffic

    If your business has a physical location, our press release distribution services can help you bring locals right through your door. Whether you are announcing a new service, product, launching an event, or any seasonal sales, the successful distribution of a press release can be measured by the foot traffic your store gets.

  • Improved Sales

    As mentioned above, press releases can be used to announce all types of news -sales, new products, exclusive lines, new services, event launches, etc. Your company's information will increase your customers' interest and brand awareness and differentiate you from your competitors.

    With the right distribution services, everyone interested in what you have to say will read it and, therefore, take advantage of the products and services you have to offer, increasing sales.

  • Reliability, Image, Reputation, and Branding

    Having your news sorties covered by prestigious high-authority websites helps build trust among your target audience. The constant publication and distribution of press releases dedicated to your business helps your brand improve its recognition and reputation. As a result, your brand's image will become reliable and well known within the industry.

    As your brand appears in newspapers, magazines, news sites, blogs, social media, and more, your reputation will positively increase, opening the doors to new business opportunities. Customer loyalty will strengthen, and there will be more chances to convert prospects to customers.

  • Affordable Cost

    Keeping the press release process at home can complicate things and cost you time and money. Instead of manually reaching out to publications and networking with countless journalists, we will ensure your content is published in the most reliable and well-known publications within your industry.

    Without the proper contacts, it's easy to encounter journalists who charge high fees and whose readers are not the target you need. With our affordable press release creation and distribution services, you will be saving money while ensuring a high return on investment during your marketing campaign.

Why Choose Maennche for your press release distribution

With our years of experience and trained staff, we have developed a unique press release creation and distribution strategy that guarantees to meet your company goals. We work with different types of budgets with clients in all kinds of industries.

From our experience, we have learned that without the right strategy and industry knowledge, press releases are just time-consuming and wasteful. Hence why we have developed a process that guarantees:

  • 100% originality
  • High-quality publications
  • Engaging content
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Positive brand mentions
  • SEO optimizing
  • Strict on-time scheduling

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