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The rise in Internet availability and social media usage has had unexpected consequences. Now, more than ever, businesses are subject to intense criticism, and a single bad review can quickly diminish the hard work that a business owner has achieved. In fact, nearly 72% of consumers won’t pull the trigger on a purchase until they have read reviews. If those reviews are less than stellar, their impact can be devastating.

Maennche Virtual CMO knows the importance of maintaining a positive brand reputation. In a world where a quick Google search can provide a wealth of information about a product experience or give insight into a business’s customer service, no business can risk neglecting its online reputation. Our reputation management team in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has helped countless companies rebound after an influx of negative reviews while also encouraging customers to share their positive experiences.

Every business receives bad publicity online at some point – often at no fault of their own! Maybe your employee was having a bad day, or perhaps you didn’t live up to a customer’s expectations. Our brand reputation managers are experienced in ensuring that businesses are represented fairly online. Whether you want to stay hands-off until a problem arises or need help controlling the flow of reviews and building positive recognition, we are sure to have the right approach for you.

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What Makes Maennche Virtual CMO’s Reputation Management Services Different?

Reputation management is rarely a one-size-fits-all service. Although there is no sure-fire way to control how customers perceive a company, taking steps to monitor and influence those opinions is possible. While we can’t offer a redo for businesses to “right a wrong,” we can help them remain compassionate and improve the public perception of their business.  

With Our Reputation Management Services, Clients are Guaranteed:

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An Audit of the Brand’s Online Reputation

Before negative impacts can be identified, it is essential to conduct a thorough online brand reputation audit. Maennche Virtual CMO will conduct an extensive online reputation audit to understand how the brand is perceived online and its most prominent challenges. With this information, our team can begin developing a strategy to address negative reviews and determine the best ways to move forward to accumulate positive reviews to counteract them.

Once our business reputation managers understand how a brand is perceived, we can then start prioritizing actions to help restore a business’s reputation. While the initial steps will be working with previous customers to clear up misunderstandings, we will also work to define policies, set customer expectations for the future, and develop a crisis management strategy to protect the brand from possible negative scenarios that may occur.

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Ongoing Online Review Management

Reviews hold a lot of power when it comes to a business's sales potential. With just a single negative review, a company's reputation can be permanently damaged - mainly if they haven't accumulated a lot of positive reviews to counteract it. Maennche Virtual CMO provides ongoing online review management services to not only respond to reviews that are submitted but also to encourage customers to share their positive experiences.

With the multitude of platforms that now collect reviews for businesses, it can be hard to juggle the daily tasks of the company while monitoring and responding to reviews. Maennche Virtual CMO utilizes both software and manual human tests to monitor reviews in real-time on various platforms, including Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, and much more. This means that our reputation managers can respond quickly as soon as a new review is submitted.

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Extensive Brand Mention Monitoring

Reputation management is about much more than just monitoring and controlling reviews. To provide additional value, Maennche Virtual CMO can monitor, research, and react to mentions of your brand anywhere on the Internet, even if it's not on a platform that you are currently using. While other reputation management services may neglect this, our team knows how important it is to have a well-rounded overview of how your business is perceived online.

While this may not seem like a beneficial service for a small business, many of the clients we have worked with in the past are surprised just how often their products or services are being discussed online. Without brand mention monitoring, businesses could be missing one of the most critical pieces of the reputation management puzzle. Whether those comments are positive or negative, our team will be ready to address them whenever they are needed.

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