Social Media Management

Did you know that the United States has one of the highest social network penetration rates worldwide? In 2020, approximately 223 million Americans relied on social networks to share their pictures, connect with others, and send private messages. With over 70% of the population using these platforms and services, it makes sense that businesses or their marketing teams have scrambled to create their own best practices of how business accounts should be managed.

Nearly every digital marketing agency provides social media management services now. But, other than pricing, what makes them different from one another? At a basic level, all of these providers follow the same process – create content, publish it, and then, hopefully, analyze the results to see how it performs. While it might have been easier to follow the crowd, Maennche Virtual CMO knows that a great social media management plan needs to be more structured to ensure success.




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What Social Media Platforms Can Maennche VCMO Help Manage?

Maennche Virtual CMO offers personalized social media management solutions at an affordable price point. Our team of social media experts has the experience needed to help businesses in any industry build an effective content strategy while ensuring that they stay on top of the latest trends. No matter what platforms your target audiences are using, we will be there each step of the way to ensure your social media campaigns remain as effective as possible.

Once a social media strategy has been established, our team will get to work immediately to create engaging content, reach out to relevant communities to expand reach, and ensure that the brand’s identity is seamless across all related social media platforms. Maennche Virtual CMO relies on detailed reporting to ensure that a client’s social media strategy remains as effective as possible. We are proud to share these results with clients monthly to verify the progress that is being made.

We provide social media management and marketing for the following social media networks:


It is estimated that 71% of businesses are currently using Instagram for Business, and for a good reason. There are 140 million Instagram users in the United States alone and over 320 million global users between 18 and 24 years old. Maennche Virtual CMO can help develop a highly visual social media strategy that helps gain exposure from millions of users while also bringing tremendous benefits to your brand.


As one of the largest social media platforms available, Facebook has an astonishing 2.8 billion monthly active users, and approximately 1.84 million of those users interact on the social media network daily. Nearly 65% of these users are under the age of 35. With over 200 million small businesses using Facebook’s tools worldwide, this platform is considered mandatory for a viable social media strategy.


Boasting around 187 million monetizable daily active users, Twitter has become an essential social media platform for businesses seeking to improve customer service. Shifting from a younger population, the most prominent Twitter demographic is users between 24 and 34 years old, accounting for roughly 28.9% of total usage. Over 82% of B2B content marketers have also used Twitter in the last 12 months to effectively spread their message. Have you?


Representing a much older audience, LinkedIn has accumulated over 740 million unique users worldwide. Among these users, roughly 37% of US adults who use LinkedIn are between 30 and 49 years old. Currently, approximately 57 million companies are represented on LinkedIn, and around 80% of users rely on the platform to drive their internal business decisions. Even more impressive, about 80% of B2B leads are generated directly through the social media platform.


Appealing to a younger generation, TikTok has accumulated an impressive 689 million monthly active users worldwide in a short amount of time. Of these users, around 100 million exist within the United States. With over 1 billion video views per day, roughly 50% of TikTok’s global audience is younger than 34-years-old. 90% of TikTok users interact with the platform more than once per day, and around 41% of these users are between the ages of 16 and 24.


Pinterest holds a record as the fastest platform to reach 10 million monthly users. While often overlooked by businesses, nearly 50% of Pinterest users made a purchasing decision based on the information provided in a promoted pin. Of the 400 million monthly active users, around 81% were females. Although 80% of new sign-ups are initiated outside the United States, roughly 34% of Americans between 18 and 49 can be found on Pinterest.

What Makes Maennche VCMO's Social Media Management Services Different?

It’s no secret that emotion plays a significant role in consumer behavior. The Advertising Research Foundation found that “likeability” is considered one of the most predictive measurements of whether or not advertisements and social media posts will increase a brand’s selling capabilities. More importantly, studies have shown that when a consumer develops a positive emotional association with a brand, they are far more likely to develop loyalty towards that brand.

Think of the last time you went to a grocery store. Many of the products purchased daily are available through cheaper, generic brands and often contain the exact same ingredients. However, consumers prefer brand-name products simply because of the emotional response they have developed toward a brand and its advertising. Maennche Virtual CMO understands that the more emotional a brand’s content, the more likely consumers are to form loyal bonds.

Maennche Virtual CMO breaks away from traditional social media management services by creating a “narrative” that effectively communicates who a brand is, resonates with target consumers, and explains why the consumers should care. This unique understanding of consumer purchase behaviors allows our team to craft specific messaging focusing on the extraordinary influence that emotions have on consumer purchasing decisions.

The social media management services provided by Maennche Virtual CMO don’t end there. To ensure social media remains a viable marketing platform for our clients, we provide detailed social media reports monthly. That means clients can inspect results and verify that their current messaging positively impacts their target audiences. We are confident our clients won’t find a more robust and structured social media management process, and we can back up the effectiveness of our services monthly.

Why Choose Maennche VCMO for Social Media Management?

Far too many businesses see social media management as a chore. Even worse, most digital marketing agencies only do the bare minimum to ensure their clients get the results they expect. At Maennche Virtual CMO, we understand the true power that social media has on community building and the positive impact it can have on customer loyalty.

Whether you are struggling to gain traction on new social media platforms or want to nurture a single platform, our team can help. Why settle for “business as usual” when you could be dominating your industry through verifiable social media management services?


At Maennche VCMO, we have a social media team with years of experience working with big and small businesses in all types of industries. Over the years, we have successfully grown our clients' social media channels to large followings by creating, managing, and analyzing relevant and unique content that accurately represents their brand personality. For more information about our social media management services, message or call us to schedule a consultation.