Social Media Management

As a business owner, you likely know that you need to utilize social media to reach your customers but don’t have the knowledge or passion required to do it successfully. Maennche Virtual CMO is committed to providing effective social media management services that help businesses of all sizes to help them grow both locally and nationally. Whether you are ready to expand your social media networks or need help establishing them, our expert social media managers can help create effective posts that drive engagement with your target audiences.

Partnering with a marketing firm ensures that you have not only an accountability system, but also years of experience and mastery in all social media platforms. Not only do you need to build your business online, but you also have to be able to respond to any concerns or questions your target audiences may have. No matter what industry you may be in or what social media platforms you currently use, we can utilize relevant tools and best practices to help you succeed on social media.

Whether you are looking someone accountable to ensure your social media accounts are maintained properly or just need help finding the appropriate tone for your posts, the expert social media managers at Maennche Virtual CMO can help. Our social media management process is designed to not only provide optimal growth but also create a lasting impression on your audiences while establishing your business as an authority in your industry.

Platform-specific Social Media Strategies

Maennche Virtual CMO has expert social media managers for each major social media platform to ensure your business’ reputation is in the best hands possible. Through extensive initial research, we are able to determine the best times to reach your social media audiences and capitalize on micro-moments that may occur. We provide social media management services for many different social media platforms, including:

  • Facebook – As the top social media platform in the world, Facebook is considered a must-have social media account for businesses. With over 1.15 billion daily active users on mobile alone, having a well-maintained Facebook business page is essential.
  • Twitter – There are over 500 million Tweets sent each day and that number is only expected to grow. For this reason, Twitter has become a valuable social media platform for B2B interaction and responding to customer service inquiries.
  • Instagram – For those who think visually, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms available. While it may seem challenging to determine what to post on Instagram, our experts can help!
  • YouTube – As the premier video hosting platform on the Web, YouTube accumulates nearly 2 billion views each day. It’s insane to pay ad prices on TV when you can successfully market your business on YouTube for free.
  • LinkedIn – As a business-oriented social media platform, LinkedIn is often one of the best B2B resources available. By establishing a free profile for your business, you are able to effectively reach your audiences.
  • Google+ – Google is the most used search engine online. One of the easiest ways to establish your business online and get in front of potential customers is to complete a Google My Business page and, subsequently, a Google+ page.
  • Pinterest – While it may seem like Pinterest is only popular for design ideas and recipes, it’s often one of the best social media platforms available to promote your products. Pinterest can not only increase sells but also channel valuable traffic to your website.

Why Choose Maennche Virtual CMO for Social Media Management?

If you are struggling to provide consistent and engaging content for your social media profiles, Maennche Virtual CMO is here to help. We can help develop an effective social media strategy for your business’ unique needs to provide growth. If you are ready to make your social media accounts work for you, let us know how we can help.