Website Design

In a world of micro-moments, most people prefer to spend time looking at websites that are beautifully designed and provide a great user experience. Website design is about much more than just creating an online presence and has become a staple of any modern business’s growth. To ensure your website provides the highest value possible, it is vital first to understand the role the overall website design plays in achieving the desired result and how to best position your website to be effective immediately at launch.

Whether a business is looking to redesign its website or start from scratch, Maennche VCMO is sure to have the experience and resources needed help. Our team has worked with countless CMS options, including WordPress, Joomla, 3D Cart, Squarespace, Wix, and much more. While all these platforms serve their purpose, we often encourage the use of WordPress to enable long-term success using plugins and due to rapidly available updates for use in continued maintenance.

Why Is Website Design Important?

As you begin planning your initial website or a website redesign, it is crucial to consider what makes website design so important. Furthermore, there are also a few key things to keep in mind when settling on a website design provider. Let’s look at the top four considerations that you should keep in mind throughout the process to make an informed decision about who you should partner with.

Website Design Sets a First Impression

When a visitor comes to a website, it is often considered the first impression of the business. Often, this means that the visitor will begin judging the company based on their website design within seconds. It is crucial to have a great website design to capitalize on these important moments to make an excellent first impression.

If a website looks unappealing or dated, the audience will often quickly form a negative opinion of the business or its brand. This means fewer leads and more members of your target audience moving to a more engaged competitor that has given more thought to their website design. Simply put, an excellent website design will keep visitors on the business’s website and will often translate directly into new leads.

Website Design Builds Trust

Most people do not trust websites that look like they are dated or were poorly designed. Often, a poor website design may translate to visitors as unreliable or shady simply because the design seems rushed or does not meet the standards that we have come to expect. When you look at your current website design or those of your competitors, do they look trustworthy, or is there room for improvement?

If the answer to the preceding question is no, there is a good chance that you are ready for a website redesign. By working with a website design agency, businesses can ensure that their website is being built with modern design and functionality in mind. That means trust will be more quickly built with visitors, and there will be more opportunities to capture leads.

Website Design Assists in SEO

Choosing a great website design team will ensure that even the most minor considerations are accounted for, including search engine optimization (SEO). While many people know the significant role of content in SEO, the more technical aspects of a website also directly affect how well a search engine crawler can analyze and index a website. For this reason, website design often directly impacts SEO from the moment a website is launched.

Some of these things that should be kept in mind while creating an SEO-friendly website design are using efficient elements and avoiding using files that load slowly, strategically formatting the website to reduce HTML compared to text, and other minor factors like a proper robots.txt and site map structure. With so many tiny details in play, finding the right website design agency should be a priority for any business owner.

Website Design Creates Distinction

No matter what industry a business is in, there is a good chance you have competition both locally and nationally. Website design creates a level playing field online – where even a startup can compete with retail giants. Working with a professional website design agency will help ensure your business stands out online.

A great website design will help create distinction and improve the ability to capture leads and establish a long-term growth strategy. Even if a business has the same products and pricing as a competitor, a clean website design will often sway potential customers to invest in the brand that looks the best. Website design can amplify how a brand is perceived online to create distinction in an otherwise endless sea of choices.

What Makes Maennche VCMO’s Website Design Services Different?

It has become extremely common for agencies to utilize a proprietary content management system (CMS) to build a client’s website in the web design industry. While not inherently wrong, this often allows the agency to take ownership of the website and essentially hold the client hostage for an extended period, should they decide to move their service to another company. This leaves only two options for the client; paying for an entirely new website design or staying with the dishonest agency to revamp the website.

At Maennche VCMO, we know that this problem has devastated many businesses. That is why we recommend that all clients utilize the open-source CMS provided by WordPress. While we can still offer all the bells and whistles needed to make your website stand out, we also guarantee that you will retain ownership of the website and that it can be transferred to another service provider with no problems if you become unhappy or need a change of direction.

Why Choose Maennche VCMO for Website Design?

A website is one of the most important assets that a business can have and will ultimately play a prominent role in online marketing campaigns. To ensure the best results possible, it is essential to work with a full-service website design team to provide a modern website with all the amenities and accessibility options needed. At Maennche VCMO, we have decades of website design experience.

As a digital marketing company, Maennche VCMO’s website design services extend far beyond just a great look. Our team of experts will all work together to implement SEO, improve content when needed, guarantee a mobile-friendly and ADA-compliant design, and much more. Finding a website design company that provides actual results should not be a challenge. If you are ready to take your company to the next level or need help to determine what is next, contact us today or call us  to schedule your free consultation and learn what is possible!