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If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are considering a website redesign. While many web designers will tell you that they can provide that service to you, they might not offer the level of support you need. For instance, while an inexpensive website redesign may update the existing look of your website, it may lead to penalties in search engine rankings if the appropriate attention to detail isn’t in place.

Maennche Virtual CMO understands the balance required between the user experience and functionality. However, our web design team shines in our ability to ensure that any progress you have made from a search engine optimization (SEO) perspective is retained. In fact, many of our clients see a positive impact when their website redesign goes live simply due to the strict checks and balances we have in place throughout the process.





When Is a Website Redesign Needed?

According to most experts, every small or medium-sized business should refresh its website design every two to three years. This not only ensures that the brand’s image remains modern, but it can also help implement new technologies and techniques to ensure things aren’t getting stale. On the other hand, Enterprise websites will often be able to squeeze that lifespan to around five or seven years. But how do you know if it’s time to invest in a website redesign, and what are the common reasons businesses take the plunge?

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Maintaining brand standards across all marketing channels is extremely important. Many businesses that audit their online properties will find that they are not maintaining consistency, leading to confusion among target audiences or limiting the potential for brand recall. Although you may not realize it, this is one of the most common reasons businesses will pursue a website redesign.

What Makes Maennche Virtual CMO’s Website Redesign Services Different?

Many marketing firms and web designers will use a proprietary content management system (CMS) to hold their clients hostage. While this is not inherently wrong, it allows the designing company to take ownership of the website and ensure they are the only provider that can be used whenever changes are needed. This leaves only two options for the client; paying for an entirely new website design when needed and starting from the beginning or staying with the dishonest agency to revamp the website.

Maennche Virtual CMO has seen how devastating this can be on a first-hand basis. That’s why we recommend that all clients utilize the open-source CMS provided by WordPress. While we can still offer all the bells and whistles needed to make your website stand out, we also guarantee that you will retain ownership of the website and that it can be transferred to another service provider with no problems if you become unhappy or need a change of direction.

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If you are considering a website redesign, there’s a good chance that you are looking for more than just a facelift. To help ensure that our website development team hits your business’s goals, please answer the questions below to receive a quick, no-obligation quote.

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Why Choose Maennche Virtual CMO for Website Redesign?

Finding a website redesign company that provides actual results shouldn’t be challenging. Maennche Virtual CMO’s website redesign services extend far beyond just a great look. Our team of experts will all work together to implement SEO, improve content when needed, guarantee a mobile-friendly and ADA-compliant design, and much more. If you are ready to take your company to the next level or need help to determine what is next, message or call us today to schedule your free consultation and learn what is possible!