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Teresa Goodnight

Teresa Goodnight

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Teresa Goodnight is an entrepreneur at heart. She and her hubby currently own Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa in Tulsa Hills, Live Laugh Love Rentals – – renting out VRBO and long-term rentals for customers, and are the owners of Community Spirit Magazine, which has been put on hold during Covid and will be resurfacing again in the near future.  

Teresa is also a highly successful sales executive for Zayo bandwidth, a fiber optic network company out of Boulder, Colorado.  Teresa has run sales teams for Zayo selling into the largest telecom companies in the world for over 15 years and returned to their staff during Covid to help out with one of her favorite big accounts. She launched their inside sales team in 2014. She has been awarded Summit club, presidents club and other honors for her selling success. When asked what her key to selling is, Teresa will always tell you that the secret in the sauce is listening to your customers and understanding their needs. She spent a great deal of time helping construct solutions and deal structures that close business by themselves. 

Teresa and Ryan opened Hand and Stone June 29, 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic beginning stages. They had their SBA loan canceled after already signing contracts and beginning construction because the SBA didn’t want to fund a spa in the middle of a pandemic. She and her husband worked with Ron Roller of SCORE and found a way to get those doors open and now operate a very successful business doing just under $1 million a year, employing 20 on their way to 40. 

Teresa is a follower of Jesus Christ, a wife to an amazing hubby, a mom to her beautiful miracle daughter Isabella of seven years and is working on her first book! 

Before selling Teresa ran marketing and events for Williams Communications/WilTel and SpaceCom Systems with TV Guide. Teresa did everything from Super Bowls to the Masters…renting Miramar Airfirce base for a large party, hiring everyone from the Pointer Sisters to Duran Duran for large private events in California. In addition, Teresa set up events from Monaco to Maui for hundreds of executives from the largest telecom companies in the world. Plus, Teresa has large trade show experience to boot. 

Her career has run the gamut in sales and marketing! 


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