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What is Geofencing?

Now more than ever, consumers use digital marketing and social media to help guide their shopping decisions. Reaching your customers at the right time – and in the right place – can make all the difference. What if I told you there was a tool to help you do that? If you want to cut…

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What are the Benefits of Posting Blogs on Your Website?

In the ultra-technological age we live in, it has become the number one goal for most to stay relevant on social media or the internet. If we do not keep up our appearances with photos, memes, videos, funny thoughts, etc., people may forget who we are. We will fall into the abyss of the technological…

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How to WIN with Holiday Email Campaigns

The holiday season is pure magic, no matter how you slice it. The joy of decorating, buying gifts, eating great food, and shopping are just a few of the many activities we get to partake in. There are also family gatherings and Christmas parties that truly bring us together in celebration. And let’s not forget…

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Why Conversion Rate Matters

Imagine, for one moment, that you are the proud owner of a small business in Oklahoma City. You have decided to set up shop on one of the busiest intersections in the city, a place where you will have thousands of people walk by your store daily. Surely this means that you will be a…

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Tips to Make Your eCommerce Website More Successful

So you took the plunge and started your very own electronic commerce website. You made a good choice in a day and age where practically every aspect of life is handled online. The likes of Amazon and eBay shopping have been around for quite some time; however, in the recent Covid years, things that we…

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Ecommerce Platforms – Compared

It’s no secret that most everything has moved to digital. We do most of our communication with email and mobile device messaging. When we are bored, we turn to social media apps like Instagram and TikTok. Even our grocery shopping is transitioning to online orders and curbside pickups. Whether you are on the side of…

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The End of the Google My Business Mobile App

Using a mobile device to manage your life is what most people want in this day and age. They are always with you and come with beneficial applications that make life easier. Phones can even be used to manage small businesses, given you have the right applications installed. Google My business was an app that…

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How to use #Hashtags 

Hashtags are like relationships; they direct you to a conversation that you want to have. These conversations generally occur on social media platforms and require audiences to listen, join in, and interact. Hashtags have become some of the most interesting, yet trendy, conversation starters that social media has invented. But how do hashtags build value,…

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Why is Responding to All Customer Reviews Important?

A review is a piece of feedback that lets you know what you are doing well and what needs to be fixed. If your boss gives you an annual review, you take that critical feedback and make yourself more employable and effective. What would happen if you just ignored that review from your boss? You…

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Why are Bounce Rates Important for Your Website?

In the digital world, there are millions of clicks across website databases that seemingly never end (Ask the TikTok surfers!). Although, the measure of success for websites and advertising companies relies on the determination of a “bounce rate” to help understand the longing interactions and connections with their cyber visitors. A bounce rate can help…

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Why is ADA Compliance Important?

The large company Whole Foods has found itself amid a class-action lawsuit as its website did meet ADA compliance standards. Whole Foods is facing thousands of dollars of legal fees, possible settlement, and costs to restructure its website to meet ADA standards, not to forget the public relations problems from this issue. Whether intentional or…

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What Are Project Sprints?

A minimum viable product (MVP) isn’t a new concept; however, many business owners often struggle with it. At a base level, a minimum viable product is a version of a product that allows the recipient to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with minimal effort. This validated learning is often in the…

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