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Julius ‘Raf’ Rafael

We are excited to announce Julius Rafael, who prefers to go by Raf, as the latest addition to our dynamic team in the role of Content Writer. Raf brings a remarkable array of skills and a deep-seated passion for impactful content creation.


Raf has honed his craft over several years, working on a diverse range of projects. His ability to adapt content to meet various requirements and resonate with different audiences is a testament to his versatility and commitment to quality.


With a notable background as a Lead Research Analyst for the Ministry of Defense in Singapore, Raf has developed a keen insight into data analysis and social media trends. This expertise adds a unique depth and relevance to his content, ensuring it is both engaging and informative.


Beyond his professional journey, Raf has actively participated in academic and creative writing contests, further refining his skills and demonstrating a relentless pursuit of excellence in writing.


We are confident that Raf’s passion for writing and his professional experience make him a valuable asset to our team. His arrival marks an exciting phase for us as we aim to enhance our content offerings with his innovative and insightful contributions.


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