What is a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer


As you may or may not be aware a Chief Marketing Officer is the executive role responsible for developing and executing an organizations marketing activity. This person is responsible for maintaining consistent branding across all forms of communication, developing new ways to reach current and potential clients, and ensuring that the appropriate tracking is in place so that a positive or negative R.O.I. can be determined for each marketing investment effort.

A Virtual Chief Marketing Officer fills the shoes of a CMO but on a part time basis. This is particularly advantageous for small and medium sized businesses as these businesses typically do not have enough to keep a full time CMO 100% occupied.

What Makes A Virtual Chief Marketing Officer Different?

Our founder Matthew Maennche was a software developer long before he became a professional marketer. It was the complexity of the Google, Bing, Facebook, and all the other algorithms that drew his attention.

Have you ever met a marketer that could themselves develop the software your business needs to automate its day to day activities? Imagine one who could.

How do you think that level of understanding could prove advantageous while marketing your business on the search engines, social media channels, ad networks that are essential in the modern age?

That is what makes us different.

Can A Virtual Chief Marketing Officer Help You?

This is a great question and the short answer is, we do not know. Every business is unique and has its own unique journey. Until we can meet with you to discuss your goals there is no way to know what impact we could or could not have.

How Much Does A Virtual Chief Marketing Officer Cost?

You'll love this! We do not cost as much as a full time Chief Marketing Officer because we only charge for the time needed to perform our duties.

As you might imagine, every business is unique and thus the amount of time required to develop and manage your marketing efforts can vary quite a lot. The best way to get an answer to this question is to schedule a meeting where we can learn more about your business.


Are you Ready to Take the Next Step?

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